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Privacy Policy

Occuspace is very serious about respecting user privacy.

Our platform has been architected from the ground up with strong privacy principles in mind. Our service strikes a balance between providing our customers with high quality digital measurement and a commitment to consumers' rights to personal privacy.

We do not collect any personal information of any kind from people who encounter our occupancy measurement sensors.

  • We do not collect or know any names, phone numbers, emails, addresses or other personal information
  • We do not track people
  • We cannot monitor the movement of a person from one location to another
  • We cannot enable individually targeted marketing and advertising
  • And we never connect to any personal device

Instead we passively observe the WiFi and Bluetooth signal activity in physical spaces to estimate the number of people.

The data we report to our customers are modeled estimations of the current number of people in their spaces based upon the total signal activity observed at any given moment.

Occuspace only reports aggregated people estimations on spaces that are at least 1,500 square feet or larger. Occuspace does not report specific seat or individual office occupancy.

Because we are using modeled estimations and not tracking individuals, our data is not 100% accurate and is typically in the 90-93% accuracy range.

Our service is fully compliant with all global digital privacy laws and regulations.

This includes GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, ColoPA, and COPPA. And we welcome further review and regulation in this area.

The complete Occuspace Privacy Policy is available here.

We will notify you of changes by posting the modified version on our website. We will indicate the date it was last modified below with an updated message on top.