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The only infinitely scalable, instantly deployable, privacy-first occupancy measuring solution.

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We provide the space utilization data tools your team needs to gain reliable analytics.

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Our vision is for space utilization data to transform and empower
better, more sustainable design, management and experience of physical spaces.


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  • Repurpose unused space
  • Identify popular areas
  • Optimize layout and furniture
  • Measure amenities ROI




  • Allocate space based on usage
  • Determine employee to desk ratios
  • Empower agile space management
  • Optimize daily operations




  • Create vibrant spaces
  • Boost productivity
  • Measure what drives people into the office
  • Show how busy spaces are in real-time

Higher Education | Corporate Real Estate | Retail

Occupancy monitoring technology enables real time, data-empowered understanding, which leads to better space utilization decision making.

Industry Leaders Trust Occuspace

All the actionable data you need.

Capture critical foot traffic information, and output real time data to multiple end-use destinations.
Learn more about our focus on anonymous, privacy-first counting technology.

Visitors Square


Total foot traffic in a given
space and time

Occuapancy Square


How many people are in a space
every minute of the day

Dwell Square

Dwell Time

Time spent within a given space


Easily access, view and port your data, wherever & however you need.

Whatever, wherever, and however you need it, your space utilization data is now at your fingertips.

  • Get started with helpful reports in your customer portal
  • Data easily exportable via API for external apps or platforms
  • Send real time information to digital signage or apps


Confidence in accuracy & integrity



Customer verified headcounts (sampled)


Overall accuracy of Occuspace Algorithms


More accurate than a camera competitor in a third-party test


Occuspace sensors anonymously scan for bluetooth and WiFi signal activity within a given area. Scans pick up laptops, cell phones, wearables, and other connected devices. Machine learning algorithms are used to estimate the number of people in that zone with 95% accuracy.

We do not collect any personal information of any kind from people who encounter our occupancy measurement sensors. 

Learn more about how our platform is built from the ground up with strong privacy principles in mind.

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WiFi & Bluetooth

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Real Time
Occupancy Data

Infinitely Scalable.

Only Occuspace can scale infinitely and deploy instantly – while costing only a fraction of our closest competitor. Here’s how.


Unmatched affordability

~$0.12 - $0.20 per square foot, annually


Privacy-first approach

No PII used & no seat level reporting


Just plug in & calibrate

No infrastructure changes required

Occuspace Sensor + PLUG

The simplest answer
is usually the right one.”

The 120 volt electrical outlet.
Every building in the United States and Canada has 120 volt electrical outlets every few feet on nearly every wall. 
This simple outlet is all you need to plug-in & start using the Occuspace sensors. 

No wiring|No infrastructure changes of any kind|Just plug it in. 

What could be simpler (and more scalable) than that?

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